An unforgettable opportunity to explore the the magical and mysterious netherworld of Langjökull glacier, as well as see some beautiful Icelandic nature.

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  • Tour duration 11 Hours
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Largest man-made Ice Cave in the world

We depart early from Reykjavík and get the crisp morning view of the Langjökull Glacier, which is our destination. Langjökull is 953 sq/km, making it the second largest glacier in the country.

You soon discover that in Iceland everything is possible - before you know it you find yourself standing on top of a vast ice-cap, ready to descend into the glacier and explore its icy netherworld.To get to the Ice Cave we ride in a specially-modified truck. The Ice Tunnel and Cave are man-made and located high up in a remote area of the glacier in the very heart of Iceland.

Your guide will then take you on an amazing journey, deep within the glacier where you can see the stunning blue-hued ice. The glacier is in a constant state of motion and here we can literally see that movement first hand. Until very recently what lay beneath the surface of Langjökull was a mystery. Sometimes with vision and determination bold ideas can become a reality. The realization of this seemingly crazy notion of boring an ice tunnel deep into the glacier only became possible through the combined efforts of the country´s top engineers and geophysicists.

The temperature inside the glacier is around freezing temperatures, 0° Celsius or 32° Fahrenheit. Back on top of the surface of the glacier, we jump aboard to the welcome warmth of the truck. We eat lunch at the stunning Hotel Húsafell and you can choose between seeing the famous Hraunfossar waterfalls or relax in the thermalpool in the small village of Húsafell (admission included).

This is truly a day to remember.


  • Starting off in Reykjavik from our Reykjavik terminal at Skógarhlíð 10 we will depart for Húsafell, a 1hr and 45min ride. Once we reach Húsafell you will have a chance to use the restroom and to grab some light refreshments.
  • At Húsafell, the team from Into the Glacier provide you with waterproof gear you need and will take you up to the Langjökull glacier within one of their ex-military off-road vehicles. This is approximately a 45 min ride.
  • Once you arrive at the entrance to the ice cave, you will walk down into the man made glacial cave and spend about 1 hour walking around the 500 meter cave. 
  • After the walk through the cave you will return to Húsafell where we will break for lunch at the Húsafell Bistro.

This tour is 11 hours long including travel time and the time you spend at each location. 

Total distance covered: 340 km or 210 mi

Gott að vita!

Please show up at our Reykjavik Terminal (located at Skógarhlíð 10) 15 minutes prior to the departure time. Please be ready at your pick up point with your voucher, either in digital or printed form.

You will be traveling in a coach that holds approximately 40-65 people, but is very spacious and comfortable. There is no bathroom on the bus but there will be plenty of stops where facilities can be used. The bus offers free wifi and USB charging ports.

Lunch is not included, but we will stop at Húsafell where you will have a chance to buy food and drinks and use the restrooms if needed. You will have a chance to eat at the Húsafell Bistro after exiting the ice cave.

Hvað er innifalið?

  • In bus audio guide with a choice of 10 languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Finnish)
  • 1 hour guided Ice Cave tour with necessary safety equipment
  • Knowledgeable local guide
  • Tour in a specially modified glacier vehicle on Langjökull Glacier.
  • Waterproof one-piece suite and boots if needed. Provided by the Into the Glacier team.

Hvað þarf ég að taka með?

For the In-Bus-Audio-Guide: Bring your own headphones. Otherwise headphones are available for purchase in every bus from our hosts. 

For your comfort: Since you will be entering an ice cave which is at  0° Celsius or 32° Fahrenheit we recommend not only warm clothing, but also waterproof clothing as well. Waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves, and warm socks/waterproof shoes are essential for staying warm and dry during the visit into the ice cave.

kr 29,990 11 Hours , Easy

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