All About Extras

Here you can find detailed information about bookable extras for Airport Direct

Hotel Connection: Airport Direct Economy is a hub to hub transfer with one stop along the way at Hamraborg. One hub is Keflavík International Airport and the other Reykjavík main bus stop. We highly recommend adding a hotel connection to your booking. By adding a hotel connection to your booking you will get picked up at your accommodation or nearest bus stop. This is both more convenient and you save money on using the standard Reykjavík taxi service.

How does it work?

From Keflavík you will arrive at Reykjavík main bus stop, then you change to a bus that drives you to your accommodation or nearest bus stop.

From Reykjavík you are picked up 30 minutes before advertised departure time. We drive you to Reykjavík main bus stop and then straight to Keflavík Airport, taking 45 minutes.

Child Seat: Icelandic law mandates that children must use child car-seats when travelling in a car. If travelling with a child make sure to add a child seat to your booking at no extra charge. Please specify the weight and age of the child in question.

We have two child seats available depending on the weight of the child:

Option 1: 0-13 kg

Option 2: 14-36 kg

Flight Delay Guarantee: In case of any delays on your arrival, we highly recommend adding a flight delay guarantee in order to reserve and be entitled to a seat on the next available bus. In the event that you miss your departure, the flight delay guarantee means that you avoid purchasing another ticket to Reykjavík upon arrival.

Odd Size Baggage: If travelling with bicycles, skis, golf sets, or any other odd size baggage make sure to book it online beforehand as it is cheaper to book beforehand, than on location.

Packaged and unpackaged bicycles can be transported. For maximum efficiency in the luggage compartment, it is preferred to have them packed in boxes. If unpackaged, then the pedals must be removed and the chain covered. Additional luggage will be loaded as space allows and is subject to additional charges.

Extra Baggage: Included in the base price is one 23 kg baggage and one carry on as well as a personal item. Should you be travelling with extra baggage it is recommended to book it beforehand as the online price is cheaper, and to make sure that there will be space for your luggage onboard. If you are travelling with more luggage than is estimated per person we recommend you send us an e-mail ( or call our main office +354 497-8000, in order for us to make appropriate arrangements before your arrival.