Iceland is open for tourism from June 15th, Click here for more information

Our response

Iceland is now open for tourism and it is our priority to ensure the safety and welfare of our customers and our employees. Here you will find all the latest information on the measures taken, in light of current circumstances.

Testing for international arrivals

Testing by the Government of Iceland for arriving travelers will take place at Keflavik Airport from June 15th. Travelers have two choices, tests for the virus upon arrival or a two-week quarantine. You'll find further information on the official information portal and the Keflavik airport information site. When booking an airport transfer from Keflavik you can expect a delay after arriving due to testing. 

Health and safety measures - We are taking extra precautions

From July 31st, 2020, if it's not possible to keep a 2-meter distance between passengers on our buses all our passengers are obligated to wear face masks during the transfer. If they do not have one it's possible to purchase a mask at our service desk in Reykjavik and at Keflavik Airport. 

Before and after each transfer, all contact surfaces in our buses are disinfected to reduce the risk of infection.  All buses and terminals are equipped with hand sanitizers. All precautionary procedures are based on guidelines provided by the Icelandic Directorate of Health and WHO.

What can you do when arriving at the airport?

All arriving travelers at Keflavik Airport are obligated to wear a facemask and keep a two-meter distance. We ask everyone to take good care of their health by washing hands with soap and using hand sanitizer and to minimize all contact with others.

What do you have to do when in Iceland?

Local Health Line

Travelers from areas with a high risk of infection or experiencing flu symptoms should consider changing tour dates and contact the local health line: +354 544 4113. The helpline is the first point of contact before entering hospitals and clinics.

Our schedule

During the times of COVID-19 and current travel restrictions around the world, for the next weeks, we will be adjusting our transfer availability accordingly and our schedule is subject to change with short notice. If you already have a reservation we will notify you via email if there are any changes to our departures. Our reservation system on our website will always show an updated tour schedule.

Rebookings and refunds

We highly recommend to our customers to rebook, free of charge. Regarding refunds, our policies are in effect. We have always been flexible when cancellations of transfers are necessary and the Airport Direct refund policy is 24h+ notice in order to get a full refund for our service.